Restaurant Cooking Oil Collection & Recylcing Melbourne

We provide used cooking oil storage and collection services for restaurants big and small across Melbourne.

Restaurant Cooking Oil Collection

Your Oil Man provides used cooking oil collection and recylcing services for restaurants large and small across Melbourne.  We work with our clients to provide them with a punctual and efficient service to ensure their restaurants continue to operate smoothly.

With purpose built vehicles, Your Oil Man collection used cooking oils from restaurants from their provided oil storage solution at scheduled times absolutely FREE of charge.

We serve clients across the restaurant indusry such as

  • Fast Food restaurants
  • Fine Dining restaurants
  • Fish and Chip shops
  • Shopping Centre Food Court restaurants
  • Cafes
  • and more!

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Why Choose Your Oil Man

100% Australian owned used cooking oil collection and recycling across Melbourne. We can provide oil drums and tanks to suit your requirements!


Over 20 years experience in the oil collection and recycling industry


Environmentally friendly recycling of waste oils


Quick & efficient collection of your oil across Melbourne in our purpose built vehicles

Your Oil Man Collection Service

What We Do

With purpose built vehicles, Your Oil Man can collect your waste cooking oils and fats right across Melbourne.  We provide the following services:

Restaurant Oil Collection
Food Chain Oil Collection
Takeaway Outlet Oil Collection
School Cafeteria Oil Collection
Shopping Centre Oil Collection
Food Manufacturer Oil Collection

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